China (2002)

Visa type: Shenzhen Zone Tourism

Visa provided by: Sean Mendis (India)

Visa issued for: Sean Mendis (India)

Date of issue: 14 October 2002

Location issued: Lo Wu Border Crossing (Hong Kong / China)

Fee: 100 HKD

China (2001)

Visa type: Tourism (double entry)

Visa provided by: G. Mueller (Switzerland)

Visa issued for: G. Mueller (Switzerland)

Date of issue: 5 January 2001

Location issued: Chinese Consulate in Zurich, Switzerland

Fee: 60 CHF

China (1997)

Visa type: unknown

Visa provided by: Matthias Reich (Germany)

Visa issued for: Matthias Reich (Germany)

Date of issue: 1997

Location issued: Chinese Embassy in Tokyo, Japan

Fee: 6000 JPY